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We scale:
Well yes, that's funny but it's true that we enhance other IT companies with our developers, so why would you pay more?
Osmium software in numbers:
Years of expertise
Technical specialists in the team
Of our customers are long-term
How outstaff works
Easier than you think
Apply for the developer
Contact us and describe who you need
Kickoff call
We discuss your tasks, technologies, seniority, interview stages
Reviewing candidates
We propose multiple candidates that we have verified and you agree or decline candidate
We sign a contract and immediately start the work!
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Why would you need outstaff?
Well, we know not everyone is aware of key points to why you use our services
Just get it done
Forget about incorporating the person into your company and manage all HR questions. You hire a person to get the work done, we manage vacations, social security and a lot more.
Reduce your costs
We take care of most of costs for the developer, you only have to pay for the job done.
Verified professionals
We take care of refining the best fitting person and most of the interviews for you. Our tech leads will make sure you get a proficient developer who knows how to accomplish your project goals.
We proud to be Ukrainians
Unlike many other companies we want you to know who we are
Did you know that?
Ukraine is actually has one of the most proficient and advanced IT culture around the globe
Ukrainian developers are working for Sillicone Valley companies. Being highly-valued as usually the amount of technical knowledge is our strongest side.
1 year
Was required for Ukraine to finish the first government digitalization process. This includes: e-ID, e-license, e-registration, e-taxing system and many more! We don't wait in line to get governmental services. All of these are available in two clicks in our smartphones.
Average ukrainian doesn't even know what pay check is, because all our banks are digital and you can manage all finance operations with your Smartphone within seconds.
#3 country
With the most developers in the world. Going after India and China, Ukraine has the most developers. Not only that, but we also have one of the best technical expertise in the world. Just look at the previous column and you'll see why.
Artur Patyk
Our goal is to make your life easier and enhance your teams with top notch technical specialists.
We get the work done for you for the best cost/quality ratio.
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